Welcome to LIS 2024

The Learning Innovations Summit 2024 is a unique platform dedicated to examining the intersection of AI and XR, uncovering their implications for teaching, learning, and research. 

Join us on 13th and 14th of September at the University of Nicosia, to discover the extraordinary magnitude of change and transformation the technological advancements are bringing into every aspect of education, as well as how this is reshaping our society at large.

Registration Details

Registration to the LIS 2024 covers full access to the event’s proceedings, as well as coffee breaks and lunches served over the course of the Summit. 

  • Attendance Fee: €50
  • Deadline: TBA

*Please note that the registration will open soon.

Why Attend?

  • Latest Research & Insights
    Gain invaluable insights from leading researchers and academics at the forefront of AI and XR in education. Explore emerging trends, best practices, and innovative strategies shaping the future of learning.
  • Interactive Hands-on Workshops
    Engage in hands-on workshops and demonstrations that showcase practical applications of AI and XR technologies in educational settings. From virtual classrooms to adaptive learning systems, experience firsthand how these tools are revolutionising pedagogy.
  • Networking Opportunities
    Connect with like-minded professionals, researchers, and academics passionate about leveraging technology to enhance education. Forge new collaborations, share ideas, and expand your professional network within the thriving community of learning innovators.
  • Thought-Provoking Discussions
    Participate in interactive panel discussions, keynote presentations, and fireside chats led by renowned experts. Explore critical issues such as ethics, equity, and inclusivity in the era of AI and XR-enabled education.
  • Inspiration for Research
    Discover inspiration for your research endeavors as you explore the latest advancements and emerging trends in AI and XR. Whether you’re seeking to publish groundbreaking papers or embark on innovative projects, this summit will spark new ideas and avenues for exploration.

Need Further Assistance?

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